Track of the day #135 : Gurr – Breathless

Gurr are a Berlin based garage-punk duo who have recently released their debut album ‘In My Head‘ in which the track ‘Breathless‘ is taken from. I started writing this post without actually having one song in mind to talk about from this album as I was totally blown away the whole thing. So before even talking about this one track, you should really go and listen to the whole of ‘In My Head’ here to see what I’m so excited about!

But anyway, back to the track… ‘Breathless’ opens with an erratic, rambling of sounds which lead into into dynamic, punchy guitars and mouthy, sassy vocals. The track is loud, proud and rather domineering without being overpowering. ‘Breathless’ is merely two minutes long, yet packs a punch in such a short time making it stand out above its rivals.

You can listen to ‘Breathless’ by Gurr below via Soundcloud and also find the band on both Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase their debut album ‘In My Head’ by clicking here. Gurr are also playing live in the UK in Brighton at the end of the month and London in January next year as part of their ‘In My Head’ tour.

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