Photos/Review: The Sunshine Underground @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

The Sunshine Underground returned to Portsmouth one final time for an emotional/triumphant farewell gig at Wedgewood Rooms, supported by local favourites, Blackfoot Circle.

Openers Blackfoot Circle impressed me more than expected as I’d seen them over a year ago but wasn’t 100% fussed by them at the time. I think my opinion was probably marred by the fact I was wading through mud at Victorious Festival the last time though! But with that aside, this time, I was truly impressed with how the band made the gig their own with a lively performance suitably warming the crowd up.

Then it was time for the farewell to The Sunshine Underground. The band played a mixture of fan favourites from a decade spanning career of four albums including, an emotional singalong to ‘Borders’, old favourite ‘Dead Scene’, the danceable ‘It Is Only You’ and more recent single, ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’.

Although Craig (Wellington, frontman) was adamant that it was Saturday night until corrected, he was probably right as they definitely brought Saturday party vibes to Portsmouth yesterday evening. Rightly so too, as he was also celebrating his birthday the same night!

The Sunshine Underground are a band that will be sorely missed for their energetic live performances and consistent great dance/rock tunes. We wish them well with the rest of the tour and their future endeavours!

The Sunshine Underground


Blackfoot Circle


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