Track of the day #132: Bloodhounds On My Trail – Over The Wall

Melbourne based Bloodhounds On My Trail are set to release their next EP,  ‘Haunted Isles‘ on 18th November 2016. ‘Over The Wall‘ is the leading track from this EP and according to guitarist Chris Donaldson, it’s about “a prisoner wanting to escape who’s toying with trying his luck in the conventional break-out manner or hoping and even planning how he can die while still inside the walls of his jail. Regardless of the outcome, he will no longer be in prison and will consider it a successful escape”. Bleak!

‘Over The Wall’ is atmospheric with fuzzy tones, airy vocals floating above jangly guitar melodies. The track builds to powerful, hard-hitting choruses which also have anthemic qualities about them. The bands story-telling lyrics add a sense of eeriness to ‘Over The Wall’ to the point that it’s almost emotional by the tracks ending.

You can listen to Bloodhounds On My Trail’s track ‘Over The Wall’ below via Soundcloud and you can also find the band on both Facebook/Twitter.

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