Track of the day #128 : New Today – Wish

New Today are a post punk band who are comprised from both Two One Six and Casuistry. Before finding New Today, I’d never heard of either band, so in hearing this track, I’ve basically found three rather exciting bands in one go. The band have put out two singles over the last two weeks, one being self-titled ‘New Today’ and the other being ‘Wish‘.

‘Wish’ is a track that merges dirty, chugging basslines with solemn, drawn out synths with crystal cut drumbeats. As far as stereotypical post-punk tracks go, ‘Wish’ pretty much ticks all the boxes. You’d be wrong to think that this means they’re unimaginative though… Give the track a listen and see for yourself.

You can listen to ‘Wish’ by New Today below via Soundcloud and you can also find the band on Facebook.

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