Let's Take Five: An interview with Howland

We spoke to Howland just before the release of their second single ‘Hide‘ which followed up the success of their debut single Callout/Slow Down earlier this year. The band have gone from strength to strength in a short time having already supported the likes of Clean Cut Kid, Fickle Friends and Vant. Howland are also playing a string of dates up and down the country in support of this single.


Here’s what they have to say about the band, ‘Hide’, Foo Fighters and the future!

Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band .

We’re Howland, a 3-piece from Brighton and we play songs that we think sound good! We met at a house party and decided to start playing music together, since then we haven’t stopped rehearsing and gigging.

Your second single Hide has just been released! If you could sum the track up in just three words, what would they be?

Our proudest moment.

Where did the original spark that inspired you to start a band/create music come from? 

The 3 of us are all very different so probably all different answers for this.

Tyler: I Saw videos of huge stadium gigs in 240p on YouTube and wanted to write music like that.

Lee: For me, I first played in a band at college for assessments and the idea of being in a band playing original music with likeminded people grew on me really quickly and luckily the three of us met and clicked pretty quickly.

Jake: The spark for me came from seeing some of my favourite bands live including Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, The Maccabees and Royal Blood. Seeing these bands travel the world and come from nothing to playing in front of 50k+ crowds really inspired me to join a band.

Are there any particular bands that you’re dying to see live who you haven’t yet and why so? 

Tyler: I’d like to see Foals because they’re one of my favourite recorded bands but I’ve never had a chance to see them.

Lee: Really looking forward to seeing Roosevelt in Brighton. I would also love to see Strong Asian Mothers, Moose Blood and The 1975.

Jake: Having the chance to see the Foo Fighters would be insane, I had tickets see them at Glastonbury and their Wembley show last year but sadly after Dave (Grohl)’s broken leg they were cancelled. Here’s to hoping they play at Glasto this year.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding possible upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

We have a big headline show at The Prince Albert in Brighton on 8th November. Hoping thats gonna be one big party with loads of our mates and some bands we really like.

Other than that, nothing we haven’t announced for this year. Everything for the start of next year is being planned at the moment so as soon as we know, you’ll know!

Thanks to Howland for their time answering our questions! You can listen to their single ‘Hide’ below via Soundcloud and you can also find the band on both Facebook and Twitter

Howland’s tour dates October/November 2016 are as follows:

26th October – Gwdihw Café Bar, Cardiff
27th October – Maguire’s Bar, Liverpool
3rd November – Crofters Rights, Bristol
8th November – Prince Albert, Brighton (Headline)
17th November – Birdcage, Portsmouth
18th November – Electrowerkz, London

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