Let's Take Five: An interview with Former Faces

Just before the release of their debut single, we had the pleasure of speaking to Former Faces, a new project fronted by musician and producer, Ryan Parmenter. We discussed the project, their track ‘The Runaround’ that was released this week, upcoming releases and Tame Impala.


unnamed-1Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band 

Certainly. Former Faces is a a collective of L.A.-based musicians comprised of myself (vocals and keys), David Lee (guitar), Brian Blake (bass), and Abraham Kim (drums). We’ve joined forces recently to bring to the stage songs I’ve written and produced over the past several months.

Stylistically, we draw mainly from airy indie rock and pop, psychedelic rock, and contemporary RnB. Most of our songs (and videos) are a study in dreams, memories, and waking life intersecting. We aim to create an inventive, colourful, and immersive audiovisual journey for potential fans.

Your latest and debut track, ‘The Runaround’ will be released this fall. How would you describe the track and what should we expect from this release?

‘The Runaround’ tells the story of a young woman who gets caught up in the frivolous happenstance of daily life only to wake up one morning to discover she wasted all her ‘glow.’ It is meant to serve as a reminder that we shouldn’t allow the weight of perceived responsibilities and expectations to hinder us from accomplishing things of great personal import, whatever they may be. The runaround can make us blind to beautiful and meaningful moments (however brief or fleeting).

I’m not sure exactly what to expect from the release, but I’m hopeful it will garner the attention of local music fans and taste makers alike. I do know that the release serves as a definitive starting point for the band which is very exciting. We are stepping out into the wild musical landscape of the day and looking forward to the adventure ahead!

Seeing as this is your debut track, have you got anything up your sleeve regarding future releases as of yet?

Yes! Many, many, many releases to come in the near future. More singles, videos, collaborations, and remixes in the next few months followed by an EP release in early 2017. I feel as though I’m really hitting my stride as a song-writer and vocalist, so songs are pouring out of me lately. I’m very excited to share!

If you could tour alongside or record with one famous band/musician dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Wow, tough question… If I were afforded the opportunity to record with anyone it would have to be Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. That dude has created a sound that is truly transportive and uniquely his own. The production on ‘Currents’ is flawless in my humble opinion. It would be amazing to observe his creative and recording processes; to collaborate with him would be sublime. Plus he seems like a cool guy I’d be down to party with.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding possible upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

Why yes I do. Our first gig is October 28th at Club Moscow (aka Boardner’s) in Hollywood. I dig the idea of a Halloween show in Hollywood, should be a trip! I’m excited to get our feet wet performing and to showcase our live skills – Abe, David, and Brian can really throw down.

Former Faces debut single ‘The Runaround’ can be heard below via Soundcloud and you can also find the band on both Facebook and Twitter.

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