Let's Take Five: An interview with The Fused

Recently, we were introduced to The Fused, a welsh band whose raw energy as a live band has been poured straight into their music. Lyrically, the band have a clever way with words and already well on their way to be on par with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Jamie T.

Their latest single ‘Are You Ready For A Dance?‘ starts off as if to lead into something far heavier, in which we were pleasantly surprised that it didn’t! The track swings between being a typical indie track to a driving rock track throughout with sharp guitar melodies and energetic riffs. The singles b-side ‘The Bouncer And The Underage Teen‘ has a more laid back, mellower approach to it, focussing more on their honest, story telling lyrics. 

You can listen to both tracks at the bottom of the page, but first, we recently caught up with the band to discuss their latest single and the future.

Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band.

We are The Fused, a teenage band from Cardiff, who play indie rock. We think we mix up our sound and style a lot though as we play a more gritty style of indie rock. The band consists of Ollie Dixon on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ellis Acton-Dyer on lead vocals and guitar, Ethan Poole on bass and Max Taylor on drums.

You recently released your single ‘Are You Ready For A Dance?’ and we’re already eager to hear more from you! What’s in store for the future regarding The Fused?

Well we’re working towards recording an EP very soon, but as of now we’re just trying to piece together the material to be recorded.

How did you meet as a band and what was the initial spark that inspired you to create music?

Well Ollie and Ethan had a band starting out and Ellis heard they were looking for a vocalist who could play guitar so they met up in a small rehearsal space called Howardian one day, just jammed and that’s where the initial spark started. Before we knew it we had wrote ‘Canvas Face’ and ‘The Bouncer and the Underage Teen’. Then Max Taylor came along one session for a jam and everything just clicked for us as a band.

If you could tour alongside one famous band/musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

We couldn’t all come to an agreement on this question so we decided to go with a mixture. We’d love to tour with Muse and The Libertines because they’re so influential to us and they seem like the type of guys you would want to tour with.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

Well we’ve got a couple of big festivals coming up in August and November when we play Kaya Festival and HUB Festival in August before playing Hoy Fest in November but in between those festivals we’ve got some really big shows lined up! But after Hoy Fest we’re going to take a couple of months off to refine our songs and write some new ones.

You can purchase The Fused’s latest single ‘Are You Ready For A Dance?’ alongside b-side ‘The Bouncer and The Underage Teen’ by clicking here or listen to both tracks below via Soundcloud. You can also find the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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