Let's Take Five : An Interview with Cross Wires

We’ve caught up with Cross Wires a few weeks before their upcoming double A side release ‘I Want Radio/Pink Dogs‘ to discuss the release, gigging in London, the upcoming album and more. Cross Wires were also our track of the day last weekend.

Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band.

We are Cross Wires from East London/Essex. Jonathan Chapman on vocals, Peter Muller on guitar, Pete Letch on Bass and Ian Clarke on drums. People probably use post punk mostly when describing our sound but we are into loads of different stuff. There are a few bands that we all agree on though and loads that we don’t.

Your double A side single ‘I Want Radio/Pink Dogs’ is set for release next month. I’m intrigued by the names of both tracks, what was the inspiration behind their names?

There is a line in ‘Pink Dogs’ that says “now your Pink Dogs are turning black”. I wrote the lyrics before the title on that one and thought it sounded pretty good as a name for the song. I wanted the lyrics to be quite abstract so people could find their own meaning in that song. ‘I Want Radio’ is a lot more straight forward. It’s a song about how bands will do anything for a radio hit. Be it established bands with flagging careers who do reality television to get themselves back in the charts or new bands who will try to adopt a sound that’s popular at the time. We made it as poppy as possible. It’s a statement.

Fast forward to your upcoming debut LP, how’s the album coming along and are you looking at releasing it this year or next? 

We’ve been working with Rory Attwell on the album and he’s been brilliant to work with. He makes it so easy but the songs have a new life after he’s got his hands on them and we can’t wait to go back in to the studio with him in September. We hoped to have it out this year but that was far too ambitious. We want this album to be really strong and don’t want to put out something we are not 100% happy with and we’ve already scrapped about 10 songs because they weren’t up to the standard of stuff we already have.

You’re playing a free gig at The Victoria, Dalston on the release date of your single, 8th August which prompted me to think about the amount of fantastic venues across London. If you could pick only one, regardless of whether you’ve played or watched gigs there, which one would you pick?

Brixton Academy. I’d love to play there. Seen so many amazing gigs at that place.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

Well as I’ve already mentioned there will be more work on the album in September and we are hopefully looking to write another couple of songs that could potentially make it. We have a gig at The Tooting Tram and Social on 3rd September and will be looking to play a few more before the end of the year but our main focus is the album.

Cross Wires double A side single ‘I Want Radio/Pink Dogs’ will be released on 8th August 2016 and you can preorder it now by clicking here. In the meantime, you can listen to ‘Pink Dogs’ below, see them live at The Victoria, Dalston on August 8th and you can also find the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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