Track of the Day #87 : Electric Gardens – Country Pales

Electric Gardens are a Glasgow based quintet formed in 2011. The band have toured with the likes of Cheatahs and Frankie Rose.

Country Pales‘ is a seven minute long, experimental psychedelic journey comprised of ragged, chugging guitar rhythms and barely existent vocals throughout. I’m rather partial to a track that speaks louder through instrumentation than lyrics anyway! The guitars are hypnotically repetitive towards the outro, but only in a good way which kind of keeps you hooked, especially for such a long song. It’s a track with heart and soul poured into it in almost an aggressive way, which is also rather gruesomely depicted via the artwork for ‘Country Pales’!

You can listen to Electric Gardens latest track ‘Country Pale’ below via Soundcloud and you can find the band on Facebook by clicking here.

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