Track of the Day #80 : The Lazzeretts – Silver Screen Superstar

The Lazzeretts are a three piece band from Chichester who have recently released their most recent track ‘Silver Screen Superstar‘. We saw the band live back in January this year (you can find photos here), were quickly impressed by their live performance and have been eagerly awaiting to hear what was next for them. It’s definitely worth making sure you are listening to the right band though, as the festival poster at the time had the wrong spelling and we were pleasantly surprised by this band in comparison to who we thought we were seeing!

The track is quite a laid back track throughout, but does actually build into something you’d expect a band with a few albums under there belt to release, not just four tracks. ‘Silver Screen Superstar’ has captured a rather vintage sound, but with a modern edge to it.

I always feel lazy when comparing bands to other bands, so try not to do it often. But there’s a clear hint of Arctic Monkeys throughout the main verses of the track and even on first listen I was drawing comparisons to early, slower Foo Fighters tracks. With these comparisons out of the way though, the band have mixed together a rather unique blend of genres throughout the track.

You can listen to The Lazzeretts – Silver Screen Superstar below via Soundcloud. You can also find the band on Facebook by clicking here.

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