Track of the Day #76 : Leapling – Don't Move Too Fast

Leapling is the solo project of Dan Arnes, a Brooklyn based musician/producer. While in comparison to Leapling’s first album being performed as a group, this is seemingly a solo effort on behalf of Arnes.

The track ‘Don’t Move Too Fast‘ is an easy listening, quite experimental track taken from his/their latest album ‘Suspended Animation’. ‘Don’t Move Too Fast’ makes use of phaser on the drums, adding a rather unique, almost out of this world edge thoughout the song. Arnes vocals are quite delicate without much power behind them, but the instrumentation makes up for this and it actually fits well. Overall, ‘Don’t Move Too Fast’ is very laid back and easy listening.

You can purchase ‘Don’t Move Too Fast’ as part of Leapling’s latest album ‘Suspended Animation’ via Bandcamp by clicking here.

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