Track Of The Day #60 : Mayflower Madame – Confusion Hill

Mayflower Madame are a band from Oslo, Norway. The rather unusual intro is something that very nearly put me off this track, but it also gathered my interest to see if it built itself into something listenable. That it did. The droning pre-intro to ‘Confusion Hill‘ is something reminiscent of post rock instrumental music and it builds into something quite magnificent by the time the bass guitar kicks in. The lazy repetitive guitar melodies drive throughout whilst occasionally being accompanied by deep reverb drenched vocals adding to the darkness, even bleakness of the track. It would be far too lazy to compare them to the likes of Joy Division and The Cure, but you’ll hear the comparisons without me having had told you!

‘Confusion Hill’ is the opening track taken from Mayflower Madame’s latest album ‘Observed In A Dream’ which can be purchased by clicking here.

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