TOTD #52 : JC Flowers – Ym Mhorthcawl

JC Flowers are an East London based, indie quintet. East London. ‘Ym Mhorthcawl’ is rather unique, it’s quite poppy and catchy after a few listens. The mixture of different vocals, both male and female, is rather relaxing and almost soothing in a way. The track’s title allegedly refers to the town where band member, Noel Anderson, is from, which is said to have the only tarmac beach in Europe and holds the worlds second largest Elvis festival in the world.  The track comes from JC Flowers latest album which is released this Friday (27th May 2016).

You can listen to JC Flowers latest track, ‘Ym Mhorthcawl’ below or purchase the track digitally by clicking here.

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