Bands without their original singers who still rock today.

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Recent rumours have been floating around about AC/DC possibly drafting in a new singer after Brian Johnson’s recent hearing issues forcing the band to cancel upcoming shows. It has prompted us to think about other bands who’ve replaced their singers for one reason or another over time. Although some may argue that this then makes them the equivalent of a tribute band, and sure that may still sound good to many. But other fans may say that as long as the songs are still there, they can continue to play live in whatever form they may take. Music lives forever after all. Others will also disagree in the case that the vocalist wasn’t actually the main songwriter, which if they left, it would only change the sound of the songs…

The Stranglers

After Hugh Cornwell’s departure in 1990 and vocal duties were then proceeded by Paul Roberts and then Baz Warne from 2006 onwards. The band continue to tour worldwide, selling out gigs across the globe. Despite not having any more hits as big as the likes of ‘No More Heroes’ and ‘Golden Brown’, the band have continued to release albums since Cornwell’s departure. The Stranglers are currently touring the UK (March 2016).

The Jam

From 2007 onwards, The Jam (minus Paul Weller) reformed under the name of From The Jam. The band have since released two albums with Bruce Foxton and new member Russell Hastings taking over vocal duties full time. From The Jam have continued to tour the UK and the world. The latest From The Jam extensive tour of the UK and Australia is taking place from now up until December and dates can be found here.


Following Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991, Queen continued on with both Brian May and Roger Taylor taking on vocal duties. Most currently and notably, Queen have been performing as ‘Queen + Adam Lambart’ since 2009 with an upcoming European festival tour scheduled for the summer of this year (2016). The tour includes one UK date, which is at the Isle Of Wight Festival on the 12th June 2016. Adam Lambart is a previous American Idol finalist and was a runner-up in the 2009 season of the show.

Joy Division

This one’s slightly different as the remaining members of melancholic, post-punk band Joy Division (after Ian Curtis’ death) morphed into dance-rock New Order. New Order are still playing live and releasing albums today, but also without founding member Peter Hook. Hook is releasing solo albums and touring as part of Peter Hook and The Light.


They’ve already had one new singer as Brian Johnson originally took over the mic a few months after Bon Scott died in 1980. The first record Johnson recorded with the band, ‘Back In Black’ ended up the second best selling album of all time which is more than an achievement in itself. But is now the time for AC/DC to move on or leave the legacy in the hands of both Brian Johnson and Bon Scott for good? Or is carrying on with a new singer the best thing that could ever happen to them?


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