TOTW #12: Sulk – The Tape Of You

London four-piece Sulk have released another new song from upcoming album ‘No Illusions’. ‘The Tape Of You’ is previous offering ‘Black Infinity (Upside Down)‘s darker sibling, despite what the name suggests. Melancholic and gloomy would appropriately describe the track as a whole, but the vocals throughout the track are like rays of light, soothing, but uplifting. The rest of the track is stereotypically dreamy shoegaze, alongside fuzzy guitars.

The track is almost a teleport to the 90’s. It’d be too easy to compare them to The Stone Roses, but it’s clear where the influences have come from.

You can listen to ‘The Tape Of You’ right now below, but Sulk’s new album, ‘No Illusions’, is available for preorder and will be released April 15th 2016.


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