Review: Postal Blue – Of Love & Other Affections


‘Of Love & Other Affections’ is Brazillian musician, Postal Blue’s second album. You’d be wrong to think that Postal Blue is a new artist though as the last album ‘International Breeze’ was released in 2004. With that being said, Postal Blue’s sound is a modern take on early indie pop

Album opener ‘Bitterness Is Sweet’…

‘If You’re So Different’ is a fuzzy, psychedelic…

Last track on the album, creatively named, ‘The Last Goodbye’ isn’t as sad as the track’s title makes out, instrumentally…

A theme of very relatable lyrics about love and loss runs throughout the album. ‘Of Love & Other Affections’ fluctuates between guitar driven songs and more electronic, synth songs throughout. It’s not often a band or musician can go away for over 10 years and come back right on form, but Postal Blue has done just that and crafted something even more spectacular than the debut.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 10 years for the next!

You can buy ‘Of Love & Other Affections’ from Bandcamp now by clicking here.

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