Review: I Talk To Strangers – I Talk To Strangers


London duo, I Talk To Strangers have released their debut self-titled EP, which is a mixture of classic indie-pop ballads mixed with contemporary rock tunes in an almost experimental fashion.

EP opener ‘Welcome To Life (Where Anything Is Possible)’ is an energetic pop-punk explosion with plenty of melodic riffs throughout. As the EP progresses, the songs take on different genres and boundaries are pushed. ‘The Tales of Tortuga’ changes in the middle, there’s a build-up which evolves the track into a power ballad which leads onto ‘Hopelessly (In Love With You)’, the twee, love-song duet of the album.

The EP is full of surprises, with next track ‘You Rattle The Stars’ being a twinkly, slow piano ballad which gently brings the album into final track ‘Harvest The Guardians’. The final track also starts off similarly to the previous track but ends as a raucous, heavy wall of sound.

From pop, to hints of metal and back to indie rock. This self titled debut EP is contrasting throughout and that’s what makes I Talk To Strangers stand out amongst their peers. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint an exact genre for them and there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes throughout.

I Talk To Strangers EP is available to purchase for “name your price” via Bandcamp by clicking here.

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