Review: Rubberbrain – Waste


‘Waste’ is the debut EP from Californian based Rubberbrain. Rubberbrain is the side project from Brad Johnson of Trophy Mom.

The album is an interesting mix of multiple genre, bite-size tracks. From cinematic instrumental ‘Dreamer’s Limbo’ to heavy, indie punk ‘Sweep’ splitting the EP in two at a climatic juncture.

Mellow album opener ‘Waste’ is chilled with fluttery instrumentation throughout. The lyric “this is like a dream to me, everything I wanted to see” basically sums up this dreamlike album but with a hint of optimism.

Solemn, melancholy ‘Microloathing’ is also near instrumental but contains mostly indecipherable lyrics apart from the short few verses which contain the lyric “I shouldn’t, but I do it anyway”. I presume this is relevant to the “loathing” part of the tracks title. The track is also the calm before the storm of ‘Sweep’, the next track, which seems to rip through the album like a hurricane of raucous contrast. ‘Sweep’ is as refreshing as someone throwing cool water on you on a hot summers day.

Overall, ‘Waste’ is an assortment of charming, lo-fi serenity in music form. The EP feels like it’s documenting the process of being optimistic, then being knocked back in ones self, to then receiving a wake up call to do something about retrieving the original sense of optimism and getting back on track.

‘Waste’ is available free/name your price at Bandcamp and can be downloaded now by clicking here.

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