Why are more and more musicians turning to DIY?

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More and more bands are turning to bands are turning to Do It Yourself ways of working when it comes to making albums or promoting themselves, either to go against the grain, leaving a major label or genuinely not being signed/wanting to be signed in the first place.

This is because DIY musicianship provides much greater control over everything the band/artists does even down to their sound, style, which could be potentially changed by either becoming commercial or being signed to a larger record label.

“…but it’s paid for us to make a record our way without begging the record company… Wouldn’t have done it otherwise.” Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) on starring in TV adverts in order to be able to afford not to have to rely solely on the record label to release the next album.

“Recorded in outerspace using iphone, garageband, casio keyboards, melodica, guitar, korg monotron, a banjo, and a frying pan.” Neil Clark – Lozen 3000/Club Smith on using unconventional instruments and recording techniques. Working away from mainstream success provides much greater freedom in experimentation.

“I think it’s very important to engage with people and make them realise the value of actually owning music” Frankie Francis – Frankie & The Heartstrings after opening a record store alongside the release of their album The Days Run Away, on their own independent label “Pop Sex LTD”.

This blog is going to cover bands who fully conform to the DIY aspect of being in a band or even partly, because either way, they appreciate their music and success as much as we do!

I look forward to sharing new music, reviews, photos, playlists and more with you all in the future.

Main article – http://mixingitallup.tumblr.com/post/77206432978/why-are-more-and-more-musicians-turning-to-diy

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