Track of the day #573: Something Leather – Lullaby

Something Leather - Lullaby

Brighton based trio Something Leather recently released their latest single ‘Lullaby‘ and something so eerie, even nightmare-ish has never sounded so good. Infectious organ melodies drive the tracks hypnotic, carousel-like sound only adding to ‘Lullaby’s more gothic side.

Speaking of the track, Something Leather have said: “’Lullaby’ is the sweet temptation of dwelling in the past instead of moving on, the comforting call to press pause or rewind when it’s actually necessary to go ahead. There’s calm and stillness as well as action and urgency all side by side – replicated in the song itself. Can we actually break free from a lullaby’s spell? You tell us…”

Something Leather have been dubbed as one of the most exciting, to watch out for bands on the Brighton scene and the band have recently been announced to play Psyched Fest 2020, Portsmouth.

Listen to ‘Lullaby’ by Something Leather below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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