Track of the day #525: Floodhounds – Take It Too Far

Last year we were sent a track by Sheffield based band Floodhounds and after a listen or two, wrongly dismissed it at the time. However, we did note that we were sure it’d go down great live and well, that it did. ‘Take It Too Far‘ has a raucous energy, brash, in-your-face riffs and is finished off by some bluesy harmonica. The more you listen to it, the more infectious and catchier it gets. ‘Take It Too Far’ is taken from the band’s latest EP ‘Always In Sight’ which was released back in May and the band have recently released a video for the track (see below).

Speaking of the track, frontman Jack Flynn has said: “The message behind the lyrics is just one of optimism in the face of challenging times. You don’t know how exactly you’re going to make it through whatever it is you’re facing, but you’ll get there someday”

Floodhounds are a 100% DIY band and have recently started a Kickstarter (Fundhounds) to fund future recordings and tour plans. They’re offering everything from early track downloads/previews to guitar tab books, handwritten lyric sheets and acoustic concerts. You’ve only got until the 7th August to pledge though and you can find out more here.

Last weekend Floodhounds played at The Loft in Portsmouth for Idols Promotions and you can see photos from the gig here.

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