Let’s Take Five: An interview with Marna

Following her debut headline show for Turtle Tempo next month we spoke to London based artist Marna about her Tumblr song-writing project, playing live and the future!

Featured image by Jodie Canwell.

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce yourself:

I’m from London, I’m a singer-songwriter and my music is probably best described as indie pop. Really melodramatic indie pop.

You recently did a feature on Tumblr where people could send in a story or situation and you’d write a song around what they sent. How has the experience affected your songwriting and has it taken your songwriting to places you didn’t think you could of?

I can’t remember when I first put the call out for people to send me their stories… Maybe October? The response was amazing, I had both friends and strangers send me incredible stories of love, loss, heartbreak, tragedies – in fact I’ve still got a few in my inbox to work through.

It’s put me outside of my comfort zone a few times, and I suppose that’s what I wanted to achieve from this. The idea was (rather selfishly) to improve my songwriting skills, but as it turns out, apparently having a song written for you is quite cathartic too. I guess it benefits both sides, and it brought me much closer to the people who actually listen to my music and follow my life on social media. Quite remarkable and a lot of fun!

Where is somewhere you’d love to play live, but haven’t yet?

Wilderness Festival. It’s definitely the best I’ve been to and I am ITCHING to go back.

If they don’t give me a slot next year I’ll crash one of the smaller stages, then charm all the right people so that maybe in a couple of years I can snatch Grace Jones’ headline slot off her.

(P.S. Did you SEE what she did with that hat trick last year?! Incredible woman. Incredible hat.)

If you could work with any band or artist on a new song, who would it be and why?

Stock (and boring) answer is Chris Martin. I don’t care what anyone says, Coldplay ARE still cool.

Other artists include but are not limited to; Everything Everything, Francis and the Lights, Anne Marie, Will Joseph Cook…

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming gigs and what have you
got planned for 2018?

I’m co-headlining with my friends XY&O at The Waiting Room on 23rd Jan, hosted by the fab Turtle Tempo – Brookfield’s also on the bill and he’s got vibes for days. Free entry, party vibes, world peace, stay late and bring friends. It’s gan be great. I’m planning my outfit as we speak.

We thank Marna very much for her time! You can listen to her latest track “Pure Gold” below and also see her live at the above mentioned gig which you can find out more about here.

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