Live Review: October Drift, Porter’s, Cardiff

October Drift live at Porters, Cardiff, October 2017I first saw October Drift live based on the fact that I liked their name and I had a gap between late-running bands at Southsea Fest 2016. A decision that has had a less than 50/50 success rate, but that time it actually worked out. October Drift are an alternative, post-punk band who have gained momentum pretty quick over the past two years. A band that can prompt me to write 200 words less than 30 minutes after the gig has finished is almost always a good one.

Porter‘s is a quaint bar/comedy club/venue based just across the road from Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. A stark contrast in size and atmosphere. Walking into the dark venue for the first time felt slightly unwelcoming for someone alone for the evening with the only people there grouped around tables. As soon as the music started though, the atmosphere completely changed and it was a lot more pleasant aside from the fact it was mostly a seated gig. The front of the stage was lined with tables after all.

Making use of said tables from the off and clambering across the unused ones whilst interacting with the crowd throughout October Drift gave just a taster of what was to come. Storming through favourites such as ‘Cherry Red’ which always gives me goosebumps as well as “You Are, You Are” which is gathers pace and becomes immense in its own right. It was a set full of both energetic bangers and contrastingly brooding, anthemic numbers.

October Drift are a band with a terrifying energy, enough to lift the spirits of even the most challenging or drab crowds no matter what the venue is or size of the crowd. Definitely a band that you won’t be seeing in venues this size for much longer anyway!

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