Let’s Take Five: An interview with Table Scraps!

Table Scraps are one of the most exciting bands to have come out of Birmingham right now and following the release of their split 7″ release alongside Black Mekon, we decided to catch up with them to find out more.

We spoke to Table Scraps regarding their latest single ‘My Obsession’, being a truly DIY band, Birmingham’s latest festival, Beyond The Tracks and the future for the band! Read on to find out more!

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce Table Scraps:

table scrapsTable Scraps is a garage punk band from Birmingham. We started out as a duo when our guitarist, Scott Vincent Abbott, moved in next door to our drummer, Poppy Twist (yes, both their real names). TJ joined on bass in July, when Scott had just about fully recovered from some pretty gnarly skeletal surgery. We’ve been compared to The Stooges, Thee Oh Sees, Pissed Jeans, etc. There’s also a healthy serving of Sabbath in there, being from the Midlands.

Your latest single ‘My Obsession’ was released on 7” on 28th April and comes complete with 3D glasses. How did the idea for the 3D video come about in conjunction with this single?

We’re all collectors and obsessives so we love anything that’s a bit special or different. In lean times, we always insist on spending that little bit more to make things more special (our debut LP is pressed on blue and red splatter vinyl and our t-shirts glow in the dark). Our shared love of B-Movies, and the fact that our friends in Black Mekon, who run The 45 Consortium – the operation putting this 7” out, had come by a box of 3D glasses made it a no brainer for us. They’ll probably say it fell off the back of a van!

A lot of the art and video that we produce is in old fashioned 3D, so we spent some time making sure the artwork would really jump out at you. We mean this quite literally. Buying music and going to shows is becoming more of an expensive hobby, so it’s just our way of adding value for fans and to recreate the experience of being a kid and finding something really exciting, obsessing over liner notes and looking for secrets in the artwork in your bedroom.

Everything from the release of this track down to the video has been done in house, which is some dedication and admirable. How important is it for upcoming bands to fully embrace DIY ethics especially in 2017?

Having a DIY attitude is fundamental at all levels. It keeps you sharp and it keeps you in control. We had all been in bands previously who were promised big things by the music industry and almost immediately had the handbrake put down on the excitement and spontaneity of being in a band. Doing it on your own means you don’t have to compromise at all on your vision. When you’re paying a studio engineer or a local videographer a couple of hundred quid that you’ve collectively scraped together, you’re going to lose some of the clarity of what you see and hear in your head. It makes you risk averse and that is the opposite of what being in a band is about. People say to us, “Ah, but you have an advantage as you were already video producers and can record bands.” We didn’t know how to do any of these things before we were in bands, and we picked these skills up so we could do things completely on our own terms.

You’ve recently been announced for Beyond The Tracks which is a brand new festival coming to your hometown, Birmingham this September. Is there anyone playing that you’re particularly excited about playing alongside/or catching across the weekend?

The team behind Beyond The Tracks are doing fantastic things for Birmingham and have an excellent track record of putting on large events with integrity. Point proven with how many upcoming local bands are on the bill! Our lockup pals Health & Efficiency and Victories at Sea are well worth seeing. Birmingham has a lot going for it and it’s encouraging to see people generally being more proud of the place.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

We’re playing all over this summer and are just adding the finishing touches to a new LP which we’re aiming to get out in the Autumn. It’s sounding pretty ridiculous already – definitely a good sign! As always, we’ll be very much in our own world of writing, touring, recording, making videos and being relentlessly busy. We’ve even got to the point now where other bands are starting to trust us enough to make stuff for them. Imagine that!

There is a palpable sense of excitement now as people are starting to take notice of our weird world, and we can absolutely guarantee that you’ll have a good time at a Table Scraps show. People tend to think we’re quite intimidating after seeing us play, but we’re actually pretty nice… most of the time!

We’d like to thank Table Scraps very much for their time! You can find the band across social media via the links below and also watch the 3D video for Table Scraps latest single ‘My Obsession’ below.

The band will also play at Soundbar, Liverpool tomorrow evening (4th May) rounding off their short, four-date jaunt around the country in support of the release of ‘My Obsession’.


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