Fresh: The Orielles – Sugar Tastes Like Salt

I’m probably slightly late to the party, but The Orielles debut track ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ is a track and a half… Quite literally! As eight minute long tracks go though, you definitely couldn’t ever get bored of this one.

‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ takes you on an eight minute long, jaunty, feel-good, interchanging journey complete with buoyant, disco hooks and repetitive psychedelic riffs. The Orielles show off a knack of being able to write fun, clever tracks and yet still making it feel concise despite the length of ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’. Yet to think that this is just the beginning for them? There’s definitely an exciting future ahead for the band.

Mid-April The Orielles are set to play a string of dates across the south including Oxford, Reading, Brighton and Southampton, with more details being available here. The band also have a few festival appearances including Wales Goes Pop and Live At Leeds.


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