Tracks of the week #173 – #176

In recent weeks, we decided that our old “track of the day” format wasn’t standing the test of time anymore. As to ensure that we can still keep bringing you new tracks, we’ve decided to make it a weekly feature with the top tracks that we find each week rather than rushing to find something new each day.

In this new format, we’ll bring you our favourite tracks of the week in one post every Monday. These will still be added to our Soundcloud playlists each week. In addition to this, the length of our tracks of the week posts will vary accordingly. Therefore we’re no longer limited to the days in the week/month to post certain tracks and personally, I liked the thought of potentially featuring more tracks.

So for now, here is our new tracks of the week feature until further notice!

You can still apply to feature your tracks here on the blog by e-mailing us at

#173: Stereo Honey – Where No One Knows Your Name

Stereo Honey are a London based quartet. With such a strong sound, I was surprised to read that ‘Where No One Knows Your Name‘ is actually the bands debut track. The tracks marvellous, captivating vocals drift through the rolling melodies and it all comes together with its explosive choruses.


#174: The Vryll Society – Sacred Flight

It’s no secret, we adore The Vryll Society‘s music and that isn’t set to change any time soon. The bands latest track ‘Sacred Flight‘ ascends them to new heights with psychedelic hooks a plenty throughout. The Vryll Society are set to release their debut album later this year and are off to play SXSW next month.


#175: Spinn – Bliss

Liverpool based Spinn released their second track ‘Bliss‘ a few months ago now, but we only just came across it a few days ago. Spinn’s take on stereotypical jangle/dream pop is something not short of sublime. The band are also set to support The Sherlocks at their Liverpool date on the 11th February.


#176: Arcade Hearts – Fool Me

Arcade Hearts are Portsmouth based indie quartet whose latest track ‘Fool Me‘ was released last week. The catchy indie number puts its own fun spin on otherwise serious lyrics depicting a bitter breakup. ‘Fool Me’ is jaunty and energetic throughout.


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