Something different: 2016 in review as a music blogger.

Hi there to everyone and anyone who is reading this!

As it’s New Years Eve and now less than a month before Mix It All Up’s first birthday, we thought it was a perfect time to reflect on the last year.

I started writing this back at the beginning of November when I realised that it was three years since the initial ideas for this blog were first conceived. As some of you may know and remember, Mix It All Up started as a music photography Tumblr (erk) blog to showcase my music photography that I’d taken from the barrier at gigs using a point and shoot camera.

With some experience with professional music photography alongside at one point, partially studying music journalism over the past three years, this January, Mix It All Up became a fully fledged music blog. Exceeding all of my own expectations we now write about new music including tracks, EP’s and albums, write about and photograph gigs and festivals and even interview bands from across the world. We’ve interviewed both bands on my doorstep and even spoken to bands as far away as Australia, and in my own eyes, that’s pretty amazing to share music from so local, yet far and wide with the world.

We’re eternally grateful for all of the opportunities we’ve had working with bands this year whether that be interviewing, photographing or just generally writing about them on this site. I’ve personally had some amazing moments at concerts/festivals alongside photographing bands at these events. Some of my favourite moments and photos are dotted about around this post, you can find more of these by clicking here.

So before I end up waffling on, this is just basically a soppy thank you note to everyone who has read even just one post (even this one counts!), contributed, submitted music, sent praise, queries, hate anything over the past year because you are all amazing and we couldn’t do this without you. Also, thank you in particular to all of the bands, musicians, PR, managers, venues who have given us their time and that we have worked with/had contact with across the year. There are far too many people to mention you all and I will forget someone if I was to do so!

We’re not technically one years old until mid-January, but here’s to the next year of Mix It All Up! We’re also not going anywhere and we’re looking forward to all the opportunities and challenges that may be thrown at us in the next year among exceeding our expectations all over again!

Happy New Year!


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