Let's Take Five: An interview with The Backseaters

We caught up with The Backseaters following the release of their debut album ‘A Place To Rest Your Feet’ which was released earlier this year.

Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band.

David: We are The Backseaters; an indie/alt rock duo from Denver, Colorado! The band ultimately comprises of two guys who play guitars and drums named Jake Cook and David Jerusik.

I would say that ultimately, The Backseaters is an indie rock group who are just trying to make good music. Although I’ve always found to be very difficult seeing as how Jake and I really over the past few years have had the pleasure of just being able to soak in countless hours of different varieties of music. So what happens when we play or record is that the styles at times just kind of start to bleed into each other.

Your debut album ‘A Place To Rest Your Feet’ was released earlier this year. If you could sum the album up in three words, what would they be?

Jake: Unique, Depth, Whole-hearted! Unique because I have never heard another band or album for that matter and thought it came close to what we created! My answer of “depth” probably goes hand in hand with David saying that it’s honest! I wrote about some very personal things on that record, and above all, I just kept it real. These were things that I was going through and while they might be wrapped up in metaphors, the core is still there.

We didn’t try and write any songs for anybody else but ourselves. Of course we love having people that enjoy our music, but we never sit down and say, “okay lets write something strictly for radio that will make us popular.” Again, of course it would be rad to hear ourselves on the radio, but we mainly write music that we love and believe in!

David: I think for me personally the album is a conglomerate of fulfilling, honest, and hopeful. For me personally, this was the first time I’d ever recorded anything with anyone, so knowing at the end of the day that I now have a fully done album under my belt that anyone can listen to is just kind of surreal and always an experience I will cherish.

I feel that the album is honest because there was no trickery involved in the recording process. What you hear is what you get, all the vocals, guitars and drums were done in real time, and I honestly think it brings a lot out of the record. Finally I think the album is hopeful, because in a sense this is kind of the true emergence of The Backseaters and we’re excited to see what the future will hold.

Seeing as you’re a duo, what is the writing process and do you work together most of the time or split up the work equally?

Jake: In the past what we have done is Jake will write and demo out all of the songs and then when it comes time to actually sit down and record, we always do David’s drums first! Sometimes it works out perfectly and there are only a couple things that need finer tuning.

On the other hand, a song called ‘The Lottery’ off of our new album was all demoed and everything and I (Jake) was not 100% sold on it, and when we went to record it. David laid down his drums and incited a whole new realm of inspiration in which I had to go back through and re-record all of the guitar, bass, and vocal parts! For a song that almost didn’t make the album, its definitely one of our favourites; on the record and to play live!

David: I think the writing process for us is actually pretty cool because there’s a couple different ways that we do it. Most times Jake will come up with an idea for a song and in a manic moment of genius, he will record kind of a rough demo just so that the idea gets stored and won’t get lost later. After that when we come together to practice, Jake will show me what he’s been working on and I’ll get the rough demo and then I’ll add my drum part to it, and then once we get it locked down, we usually record.

Other ways we’ve also done it is just by jamming out in the practice room. One of my favourite songs off the record No Explanation was literally just based off the intro riff and that kind of blossomed into a whole song which I think is so incredibly cool.

Where is somewhere that you’d love to play, but haven’t yet and why? 

Jake: I love playing shows anywhere that we can! I would love to do a full-blown world tour and play shows in every state and country, but I have to say that it has always been a dream of mine to play in Europe and the UK! I just feel like people out there seem to be so much more passionate about music, and really more accepting to our style! I would be 100% okay with being UK famous (laughs).

David: For me honestly, I know this sounds terribly cliche, but I’d love to play Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. There’s just such a loud almost holy reverence about those two giant rocks protruding into the sky, and even they seem aware of their history. I mean you have classic bands that have played there like The Beatles and U2, but also being able to see bands like Brand New and The Postal Service play there is just so comforting. I like that venue a lot because it’s kind of an emblem for the ultimate dream fulfilled. If you play Red Rocks, you’ve done something right, and I hope to make it to that point sometime in my musical career.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

Well we are playing a pretty big music festival here in Colorado on September 17th called “Dixie Fest” that should be a blast; as well as our headline show at the Marquis Theater in Denver Colorado on September 10! Other than that, our main goal is to get back in to the studio and start recording and putting out more music! We want to start putting out singles once a month for the remainder of the year, and then early next year, come out with a brand new EP! There’s a whole process behind all of it that we will be unveiling shortly!

You can find the band on Facebook and Twitter, plus you can hear The Backseaters debut album below via Soundcloud and you can also buy it by clicking here.

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