Let's Take Five: An interview with Nerds In Denial

Nerds In Denial

In the wake of the release of their debut album ‘Take Two’, we caught up with Nerd’s In Denial to talk about their debut album, the future, nerds (not the sweets!) and Cage The Elephant.

Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce your band.

We are a four piece from Rochester, NY. We have a drums (Dashuan), bass (Richie), lead guitar (Ben), and rhythm guitar/ lead vocals (Devin). We play a lot of genres but overall we would fall into an indie-alternative genre, but we love to have fun both on/off stage and it comes through in our music.

You’ve just released your debut album ‘Take Two’. How was the overall writing process?

The writing of this album came over a long period of time and a couple of tracks like ‘Just a Little Time’ and ‘Miranda Rights’ were written a quite some time ago and were supposed to be on the album “For Whom it May Concern” which never got finished. The album also has songs that were written later like our singles ‘Crazy’ and ‘Starling’. The song Interlude was specifically written for this album and wasn’t finished till we layer it down in the studio.

We recorded the album at FLCC with Victoria and we had a great time. We tracked the whole thing live to really bring out our energy and sound as a band. After the tracking, a FLCC alumni, Alex Reynolds, heard some songs and really liked them. Alex, with the help of Terren Waranis, mixed and mastered our album to really make “Take Two” something special.

Where did the initial spark to create music and start a band come from?

Ben, Devin, and Richie have been making music together throughout their time at Brockport Central School and created Nerds in Denial their Freshman year of high school in 2011. We changed the lineup a bit till Fall of 2012 when Dashuan came to Brockport and completed our sound. We have always been inspired by classic rock, jazz, funk, and many other genres and love to play with our sound. “Take Two” shows off our talents in many different genres while still keeping it nerdy. But we’re not nerds…

If you could tour alongside one famous band/musician, who would it be and why?

Cage the Elephant would have to be one of the bigger bands we’d love to tour with. We have covered a few songs of theirs and love to play wild live shows like them. If we were to play on the same bill, we would really tear the house down and keep the crowd pumped from start to finish, jumping around, sweating profusely, and all that.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2016?

We keep all of our show info, music, and news on our website. 2016 has already been very busy with the album, but we still have plenty of shows up our sleeve, new merchandise, and possibly some tour dates to come so stay updated!

You can purchase Nerds in Denial’s latest album ‘Take Two’ by clicking here or you can find the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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