Track of the day #91 : Orchin – Dark

Orchin is a dreampop project by Los Angeles based Jeremy McLennan. ‘Dark‘ is the first track from Orchin’s current double track single (Dark/Wasting Time) that was released last month.

The track opens with quite a lo-fi feel to it, but develops into something reminiscent of 80s indie with obvious comparisons that could be made to The Smiths, especially via the guitar playing. I love the way that the drums work so harmoniously amongst the bassline giving the track such a tight feel despite sounding effortlessly relaxed. ‘Dark’ is rather upbeat which you wouldn’t exactly expect from a song of that name, but I like the oxymoron there. The has some unusual features to it, like the screechy guitars near the outro, but this adds to the uniqueness of ‘Dark’.

You can get the single ‘Dark / Wasting Time’ by Orchin for “name your price” at Bandcamp by clicking here or you can listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

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