Track of the day #90: Porcelain Raft – Battersea

It’s not often that a musician will find a mini recorder full of demo scraps from over 10 years ago and still find the sounds “fresh” enough to turn into a brand new EP. But that is exactly what Mauro Remiddi, AKA Porcelain Raft did. Two weeks after finding the said recorder, Porcelain Raft built the demos into fully grown songs and released ‘Pressed Flowers’ as a brand new, free EP.

Battersea‘ is the leading track from the EP which was written as one of these 30 second demos whilst he was living in London. The laid back track is crossed between dreampop and psychedelic rock. Remiddi’s vocals are rather unique, which sit nicely above the relaxed strummed guitars and atmospheric synth sounds.

You can find out the full story behind the EP including a beached whale by clicking here.

You can listen to ‘Battersea’ by Porcelain Raft below and also download the free EP ‘Pressed Flowers’ via the same link.

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