Track of the Day #89 : The Harrow – Dirty Minds

The Harrow are Brooklyn based four piece. The track ‘Dirty Minds‘ is the second half of their split 7″ with Dead Leaf Echo which was released on Moon Sounds Records last month.

The intro to Dirty Minds has quite eerie atmospherics below confident, but lonely drumming soon joined by a rumbling bassline and a catchy, reverb drenched guitar melody. This gloomy post punk track is lifted by the distinct, dusky vocals of Vanessa Irena. The track also has some stereotypical post-punk synths towards the end of ‘Dirty Minds’.

You can buy ‘Dirty Minds’ by The Harrow as part of the aforementioned split 7″ via Bandcamp by clicking here or you can listen to the track below.

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