Track of the Day #82 : Voices From Deep Below – Wait There

Voices From Deep Below is a London based, alternative rock, shoegaze solo project of Dale Humphries. He recently released their fourth album, ‘This Place Will Raise Up’, which was written and recorded in New York City.

‘Wait There’ is an atmospheric, dark and reverb drenched track, but in all the right proportions which doesn’t make it overloaded where he could have gone overboard. The track is a rather melancholic opener to the album with drawn out vocals alongside effect (even flanged/phased) heavy guitars creating an almost ethereal soundscape below the haunting vocals. ‘Wait There’ is a very calming track overall and washes over you whilst still leaving an impact.

‘Wait There’ is taken from Voices From Deep Below’s free album which can be downloaded via Bandcamp by clicking here or you can listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

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