Infographic : The War On Ticket Touting and its Effects.

It’s 8:55am on Friday morning and you’re sat poised with your laptop, a phone and maybe even a tablet in a hope of getting tickets for your favourite bands biggest show yet. The ticket buying anxiety set in hours ago because you know that the tickets are probably going to sell out in a few seconds for all of the wrong reasons.

“Why?” You may asking. Secondary ticketing, aka “ticket touting” is the problem. Genuine fans don’t end up with tickets and concerts will sell out within seconds of being put on sale and this is all because of ‘botnets’ (the use of software to quickly buy up tickets). The people using these ‘botnets’ will then sell on these tickets to secondary ticket selling websites such as Getmein and Seatwave for double, if not triple the price. This is due to them selling out on the primary sites such as Ticketmaster and Seetickets and therefore being in high demand.

In a recent survey done by Which? magazine, a worrying 29% of the people who took part were unaware of the differences between primary and secondary ticketing.

The facts and figures below lay out the worrying trend of ticket touting increasing to a seemingly uncontrollable amount at an incredibly alarming rate. This last week, petitioners have called once again for anything above a 10% increase on ticket resale prices to be breaking the law in the UK. This law has already been laid out in the likes of Queensland Australia.


The War On Ticket Touting and its Effects.

Online ticket touting isn’t the only issue though. If you’re familiar with gigs and queueing beforehand, then no doubt you will have seen “street touts”. The ones who don’t even do enough research to get the band names right and tend to add “the” in the wrong places, therefore providing a good giggle on occasion.

How can you beat touts to ensure you are not being ripped off?

  • If you are local, see if the venue are selling tickets. This is normally a cheaper option.
  • Make sure that you are signed up to bands mailing lists so that you can get presale codes for early access to tickets.
  • Check to see if legitimate fans are selling tickets on the likes of websites such as Twickets for face value.

Please feel free to share the above infographic and if you have any comments on ticket touting, then please feel free to share them below!

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