Seven albums not to be missed over the next few months

Three and a half months into the year 2016 and with more and more albums being announced by the day it’s getting harder to keep on top of who’s releasing what and when. In the meantime, here is six still to be released albums that you cannot fail to miss over the next few months.

Teleman – Brilliant Sanity

Release date: 8th April 2016

In the two years since debut album ‘Breakfast’, Teleman have been working on what is seemingly a more mature followup. ‘Fall In Time’ and ‘Düsseldorf’, the already released from the ‘Brilliant Sanity’ are insanely catchy and in typical Teleman form.

You can pre-order Teleman – Brilliant Sanity via iTunes by clicking here.


Man Made – TV Broke My Brain

Release date: 29th April 2016

‘TV Broke My Brain’ is the debut album from Manchester based DIY, indie-rock band Man Made. The long-awaited album follows their recent headline UK tour and the release of ‘Raining In My Head’ back in February. The band have shared stages with the likes of The Lemonheads, Broken Social Scene and Jake Bugg over the past few years and steadily built a dedicated fan-base over this time.

You can pre-order Man Made – TV Broke My Brain via iTunes by clicking here.


Sulk – No Illusions

Release date: 15th April 2016

Sulk’s latest upcoming album is called ‘No Illusions’. From the already released ‘The Tape Of You’ and ‘Black Infinity (upside down)’ from the album, I’m sure we’re not wrong to be thinking that ‘No Illusions’ is set to be nostalgic all over with hints of obvious 90’s and psychedelic influences flowing throughout.


Eagulls – Ullages

Release date: 13th May 2016

We always had high hopes for Eagulls and their debut proved us right, especially their live performances too… But Ullages promises a matured sound in comparison to their self-titled debut, a more sure of itself stance amongst other post-punk albums being released today.

You can pre-order Eagulls – Ullages via iTunes by clicking here.

Drowners – On Desire

Release date: 24th May 2016

‘On Desire’ is Drowners second album and is set to be a more darker, melancholic effort in comparison to their indie-rock self titled debut. First single, ‘Cruel Ways’ was previewed earlier this month.

You can pre-order Drowners – On Desire via iTunes by clicking here.

Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness

Release date: 1st April 2016

‘The Wilderness’ is Explosions In The Sky’s 6th album and is to be released on Bella Union (UK)/Temporary Residence(US). Although having not released an album in five years, the band have been working on soundtracks for various films in the meantime. This album is their first not to be produced solely by the band themselves.

You can pre-order Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness via iTunes by clicking here.


We Are Scientists – Helter Skeltzer

Release date: April 22nd 2016

How could we not include an album with this name? This list was originally 6 albums long and then We Are Scientists dropped ‘Buckle’ so we just had to add one more! Helter Skeltzer is Californian indie rock band, We Are Scientists, 5th album.

You can pre-order We Are Scientists – Helter Skeltzer via iTunes by clicking here.

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